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Our Happy Payroll Service Customers

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"We have been using Precision Payroll Services, Inc. for over 5 years now and can honestly say they have made our jobs much easier during the entire process. Attentive service is definitely one of their strong points, versus dealing with a much larger payroll service, where you tend to get "lost" in the crowd."

Vicki Paradise, Office Manager

"Incredibly responsive ......Extremely knowledgeable and helpful... Accommodates our huge influx of seasonal employees with ease... Highly recommended Precision for all payroll needs."

Lynn Wronka, Office Manager

"Recently we attended a comprehensive course on Quick Books, of which half day was devoted to managing one’s own payroll. When we finished I turned to a co-worker and told her ‘that this was the reason we used Precision Payroll Services, Inc.. They do all this work for us, including keeping up with out of state employees, as if they were an internal department of organization. And they do it far more efficiently and for far less cost than we could.”

President, Non-Profit Organization

"Before our firm merged with another firm, we were using one of the nationally known payroll services that had worked well for us. However, the firm we merged with was using Precision Payroll. As Firm Administrator, I reluctantly changed to Precision Payroll. It turned out to be a beneficial change. Now that I deal directly with the staff who runs and manages our payroll, it is better than speaking to a different representative each time I call in the payroll. Precision Payroll advised me on making decisions to change and set up our payroll by taking the time to discuss with me the consequences of different options and then worked with me to customize our payroll to fit our needs.  Not only have I found their service to be accurate, but we have also saved on the cost of processing the payroll. I consider it superior."

Pat Spencer

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love Precision Payroll’s invoices and payroll tax breakdown!  The information your company provides, the clarity and ease of understanding, is superior to any other payroll company that any of my clients are using.  I wish they all used Precision Payroll and be sure that I will recommend you in the future!"  

Geraldine Tobia,  Bookeeper